Stef Gresel

Stef is a very experienced and talented professional golfer. At an early age he experienced that most driving ranges were too short for him. It quickly put him into the global longdrive circuit: In 2007 he won the Spanish Open and in 2008 and 2009 the French Open in Paris. He also took part in three World Championships in Las Vegas, USA. One of the highlights was the match Europe-USA, during the Dutch Open in 2009. Stef, as representative of Europe, made a big impression. The last six years he has been the unbeaten champion in the Netherlands. His record long-drive is 381 meters (416 yards) !

Stef also masters other parts of the exciting golf game. He regularly teaches our “theme-lessons”: long drive, putting, short game, course management and straight hitting.

Stef can teach all types of golf lessons. He also performs demonstrations and organizes golf events.

Stef is Trackman certified professional level 2 and certified Putting School of Excellence Stage 1 and 2.