Golf lessons and courses

With enthusiasm we assist beginner and experienced golfers at amateur and professional level. During the golf lessons, courses and clinics we work together with a smile on your goals and you will experience even more (or again) the enjoyment of the golf game. To map your golf game even better, we make use of our analysis equipment during the golf lessons. There are also many opportunities for coaching programs tailored to your needs, physical and mental training programs and club fitting.

Our specialties include Long Drive, Putting, Trackman analysis and Golf for juniors.

Dutch GVB course (handicap 54)

The GVB (Golfvaardigheidsbewijs in Dutch, Brevet d´aptitude in French) or golf ability license is a standardised test and licensing process which players of the game of golf must go through in order to be allowed to play on many golf courses in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Would you like to play golf and get your Dutch GVB ? Please join us for one of our month courses or two-day course (weekdays or weekends) after which you receive your GVB ! The training days are planned in consultation with you.

Private Lessons

Private lessons of 30 or 60 minutes can be booked online in the lessons calendar of  Kars or Stef. If you would like to consult us first before booking a lesson, please contact us.

Theme Lessons

Every month there are various theme lessons scheduled of 2 hours each. Topics such as driving, putting, swing, short game and difficult lies (overview theme lessons). Want to participate? Please visit our lessons-calendar, choose the theme and date of your choice and register !

Winter Course

During the winter months from October / March you can make use of our winter classes. You can register from September individually or with a group.


Want to enjoy yourself with friends, family or colleagues and learn about golf ? We challenge you to a clinic, available for all skill levels. We are confident that you will leave the golf course with a big smile !

Companies & Events

We offer plenty of opportunities for companies to book clinics or business group lessons or to organize your business outing. Possibilities include Long Drive Demo and Trick Show by our GolfPro Stef Gresel (Dutch Champion Long Drive -> 38 meters !)

Club Fitting

Looking for a suitable golf set or new clubs ? We can take care of the fitting. Ask our GolfPro’s for more information.

Please consult our brochure for the rates.

Please feel free to contact us for more information

Ik heb nu sinds 2.5 jaar wekelijks les van Stef en mijn spel is in deze tijd met sprongen vooruit gegaan. Voor iedere winter en voor iedere start van het nieuwe seizoen maken we een plan van aanpak om de te zien waar we de komende tijd de aandacht op moeten vestigen om het spel op een hoger niveau te krijgen. En deze manier bevalt uitstekend. Bij Destination Golf zit je te allen tijde goed. Of je nu je GBV wilt halen, je spel wilt verbeteren of naar single handicap wilt.

Frank Roijen